Friday, March 9, 2018

Has it really been 5 years?

A lot has changed over the last five years since I shut the blog down.  Social media has had a real impact on hiking in Hawaii- both positive and negative.  On the one hand people are getting out and enjoying the beauty of the island but on the other trails are taking a beating, people are getting hurt, landowners are getting tired of the constant trespassing.  The mountains themselves have changed too.  There are fences popping up on the summit, the constant onslaught of invasive species, and the general habitat degradation continues relentlessly.  I have changed too of course, I'm older and greyer but I hope somewhat wiser.

The blog, if it survives, is going to change too.  Here's a short clip of one of the newly rebranded Uluhe Crew's more recent adventures.

Aloha and Safe Trails!  XJ