Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rained Out

March 9, 2011 Rained Out

No trail this week because the weather has sucked.  Rain, rain, rain.  We suited up on Tuesday but there just wasn't anywhere to go so we canceled and I ended up working an overtime shift instead.

Today was more of the same so I decided that it was time to fool around with some of the video I've been shooting.  My first problem was that I have video from about 5 different cameras, most with different file formats and most definitely with varying quality.   Anyway, I spent the day screwing around with all of them and right now my computer is busy crunching away trying to render a video for youtube.  Hopefully it will come out half way decent but in keeping with the theme of this blog I'll settle for not so great.

In case you care, the cameras are a mix of my Motorola Droid, Nikon S630, Contour HD, and Nikon D90.  The video is mostly from the last couple months although I did find a couple clips from last year when we did Poamoho.

I'm supposedly on vacation this week although if the weather continues to suck I'll probably head back to work instead although I've come close to heading to Hilo to check out the new eruption several times but just can't seem to click the "book now" button on travelocity with those crazy high airfares... maybe next week with overtime money or maybe I'll pool my birthday cash. 

Mahalo for reading... and watching!

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