KSRT- Koolau Summit Ridge Trail

Terminus, Bowman Trail
One of my goals in life is to hike the entire crest of the Ko'olaus.  I've learned that while it is possible to do the entire spine of the Ko'olaus, there are some sections that would require a whole lot of ropes and some serious climbing.  Being a not so great hiker, I've decided that some of those sections will have to wait, probably for a very, very, long time,  but for now, we've been busy doing the sections that can be done with moderate risk.   My hiking partner, II, and I decided that we'd start with the eastern section of the Ko'olaus as they are the most accessible and work our way westward.   Not knowing much and because we've never done a trail with any of the various groups like Sierra Club or the Hawaii Trail and Mountain Club we've relied on shear stupid luck and some very shoddy research. Let me take a moment to define the Ko'olau Summit Ridge Trail (KSRT) as any of the sections of the Ko'olau Summit NOT associated with the actual Ko'olau Summit Trail (KST) constructed in the early part of the 1900's from Pupukea to Kipapa.  I haven't gotten around to it but I'm going to eventually create a separate page for the KST.

Section of the KSRT from Wililinui to Kuliouou
What has followed has been nothing short of amazing.  I've lived most of my life on O'ahu and never have I appreciated it more.  Most people seem content to live their lives along the shores and urban areas here.  Most never venture up the trails crisscrossing the island.  Of those that do, fewer still venture off the more beaten path to see the rest of what this special place really has to offer.  They're missing out!

In my opinion, most of the Ko'olau Summit Ridge Trail is suitable for people without fear of heights, the ability to climb some small but sometimes sketchy sections, and a good understanding of their limitations.  There are a lot of opportunities to bail out along the way if the weather starts to turn bad, it starts getting late in the day, ect. 
As time goes by, I will be adding more links to this page about my experience on the Koolau Summit Ridge Trail.

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1000 feet plus down

Please note that the direction the trail is hiked will affect the difficulty of the trail.  What may be easy one way could be very difficult the other.  Difficulty ratings presented here are my opinion of my experience only.  Weather, trail conditions, and other factors are constantly changing meaning your experience will be different if you attempt any part of this trail.  Any articles about trails I have done should not be relied upon or used in any decision making process and are presented for entertainment only.  None of the KSRT is maintained by the State of Hawaii and some parts are on private property or government land that require permission to legally accessHiking any part of the KSRT means constant exposure to cliffs with vertical drops in excess of 1000 feet.  Any fall will result in very serious injury or, more likely, death.

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