Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mo'ole Valley Progress

A day in Mo'ole
Over the last week I made 3 more visits to Mo'ole Valley.  The first was the most successful as I mapped and marked my way up though several tough discoveries.  On subsequent visits my forward progress has been dismal.  I gained maybe 20 yards over the next two trips up the valley but have managed to hack a decent trail with tons and tons of ribbons along what I believe is mostly the old trail.  I think I may have incorporated some pig trails into the route along the way though.  My hiking partner has made one venture up into the valley as well.  On that trip we did a bunch of clearing opening up vegetation along the trail side.   I'm battered, bruised, I've lost two pairs of pants and one toenail along the way.  Rather than attempt to reconstruct the trip from memory here I'll simply post the points I have collected on Back Country Navigator for Android.

I have not given up and I think my next move is to hit the Lanihuli Trail and try and fight my way down into the valley from above.  I'm hoping that maybe there's a clue on Alewa Ridge somewhere as to the route down.  Once in the valley I can make my way out.  Near the point labeled "False Hope" a bunch of faded pink ribbons were found leading the ridge.  I'm not sure this fits with the description of the trail which mentions about a 20 minutes trip from the top of the trail to Lanihuli's summit.  I suspect the ridge leading to topside is near the last waypoint labeled "Possible Ridges".

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  1. That is some serious hiking. When you end up tossing clothes you know you have been where no one has gone before. Was GPS reception any good? Tying off the ribbons is the sure way to make your way back.

  2. GPS was spotty and the accuracy was degraded inside the valley. It really doesn't look like anyone has done this trail in the last 10 years.

  3. as i was coming down from anihuli the other day i seen the junction

  4. Yeah, I really would have saved some time if I'd started from the top and worked my way down!