Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wayde's World SPCA Hiking for Homes at Mariner's Ridge

The entire family joined Wayde's World's hike to support SPCA.  It was just luck that I'm on vacation since I'm usually at work on the weekends.  We arrived well before the 0900 start time and waited for our friends Ali and Marion to arrive with their beautiful daughter Aiona and of course their two German Shepards Xena and Bear.

After a short briefing by Wayde we headed up the trail. Since Mariner's Ridge is pretty short I won't bore anyone with my usual excruciatingly long writeup- just post a few of the pictures.  I did finally get to hook up with Will and Baron!  Great seeing you guys!

Wayde (florecent green shirt and hat far left) gathering up the troops
The family
Break time
My view from the trail.
Best friends holding hands.
Mariner's Terminus

Always so tempting...
Our crew at the top
Kailua / Nalo View

Will and Baron!
Best group picture we could get with 3 dogs and 3 children and a 10 second timer.


  1. Glad you guys had the four legged friends on leashes. Safer that way. Too many times out here in Santa Monica mountains folks bring there dogs on clearly marked "no dogs on trails". Oh it's so fun and fifi loves the trails they say. Well, mountain lions need to eat too. Nice photos, the wide angles and clarity!